Thursday, March 2, 2017

New blog on a different platform!

In the interest of consolidating all of social media efforts, I will be shutting this blog down and using the blog platform on my new website.  Please look up my new blog on
Thank you! 

Thursday, June 2, 2016

New work!

Edge of the Woods, woodblock print, 11" x 30"

Sleeping Willow, woodblock print, 22"x40"

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Jewelry inspired by the journey.

My jewelry is now on  display along with my paintings and prints, at the Art Study in University Village, Seattle.

FlatTire Jewelry began as a gift. Creating jewelry for friends to celebrate our joy-filled adventures on bikes was the beginning. Then I was asked to teach a workshop at the Seattle Art Museum about using recycled bicycle parts to make Art. The response that I got from that workshop inspired me to take the collection a step further into and closer to my painting and printmaking practice.  I have named the second collection, “From the Forest to the Sea” because like my larger works, it is inspired by moving through the landscape and gratitude for each step, glide, stroke, and spin along the way.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Trail series in progress...

36" x 48", Mixed Media, In Progress
I registered for my first 50K today while taking a break from this painting, which is in progress and part of the trail series I am working on.  This series is a continuation of the forest scenes inspired by the miles I run in them here in the Northwest but with more of a focus on the specific plants and wildlife that lives in these landscapes.  The woodblock prints in the post below this one are going to go into this painting soon. 

Raven chorus fills the forest...

Carving some elements for the trail series... As ever, the contrast of carving and painting really makes me happy. 

Friday, August 21, 2015

Chestnut Chic a Dee, 10" x 10", mixed media

Pacific Wren, 10" x 10" mixed media

Pacific Wren 2, 10" x 10" mixed media

Mountain Loop Metronome, 10" x 10" mixed media
I love going back and forth between large and small scale.  These are studies on paper of the birds that find their way into my larger works.  I cherish their presence on my runs and rides through the forest and love spending time studying them through these paintings, sketches and observation from many other sources.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Sketches from the watering hole...

One of my favorite things about travel is being exposed to new landscapes and wild-life.   On a recent trip to Namibia, Africa, every day was filled with birds, animals, people, sounds, textures and terrain that were unknown to me, and have filled my heart with their presence.  Here is a link to the blog that James and I created to share this epic adventure.  With over 1,000 photographs between us, journal notes and sketches, the blog merely scratches the surface of this experience, but the inspiration from this journey will surely shape how I move forward, so I am sharing it here and giving thanks for the richness of all life and the gift of being able to experience its deep variations.
Dankie, Namibia.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Early Spring

Wind, Mixed Media, 44" x 30"
Canopy Song, 48" x 38", Mixed Media

Mixed Media, 8" x 8"

Mixed Media, 8" x 8"

Mixed Media, 8" x 8"

Mixed Media, 8" x 8"
Seattle is hosting Spring early this year, and with it comes the recognition that it has almost one year since my mom, Ena Fagan, died.  The last twelve months have been rich with opportunities for growth and reflection.  In celebration of this wonderful life - all that is lost and all that is received - I offer thanks for two wonderful shows in Twisp at Confluence this past Winter, opportunities unfolding around me each day, and the excitement of new work to share now.  The smaller works on paper don't have real titles yet, but they continue my small format exploration of wildlife from the places I remember as, and call Home.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Holiday Show!

Jennifer Molesworth is curating the Confluence Gallery's Holiday Show, Snow and Indigo.  This group exhibit runs from November 15 - January 3.  I hope you can make it to the Methow to check it out - several of my pieces will be on view. 
Confluence Gallery
104 Glover Street
Twisp, WA  

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Tracks and Sightings

All of my life I have had my eyes to the sea, the trees, the sky.  These paintings are about the heart that looks, listens and is filled with deep gratitude for all that is life.  These paintings are the tracks of my sightings. 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Upcoming Exhibit at Confluence Gallery, Twisp, WA

My "Winter Bird" series continues with these 5" x 5" and 12" x 12" mixed-media pieces.  Thank you to those of you that have expressed interest in and purchased these pieces as I preview them on social media.  Your support is hugely appreciated!

I am looking forward to my first exhibit with Confluence Gallery in Twisp, WA, which opens on April 26th.  It is a group show with a Corvidae theme, so some of these pieces may find their way to Twisp.  I am so excited to exhibit in such a gorgeous part of the world, and in a town where good friends have created true magic and filled my heart to bursting on treasured trips, over and over again.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Winter birds.

winter birds series
6" x 6" approximately
mixed media on paper

I am shaping my days in Florida with an intention of being as present as I can be with my family while I am here.  To that end, I have set up a pattern of wooded morning runs and evening solitude to process and express all that these times bring.  What a treasure these days are - I look deep into the heart of each moment and welcome the shining truth that waits there with open arms. 

Monday, November 18, 2013

watching and listening for movement

A pocket full of miniatures, inspired by the rewards of open eyes and ears.  The top one is the piece I consider most successful and I look forward to following its lead.  I am enjoying painting animals again - it has been a while since I have considered them as motifs, and approaching them in this very delicate way is rewarding and giving me inspiration for the days when I can return to a larger scale.    For now, these small works are allowing to continue making while other parts of my life demand attention.  They are reminders for me to watch and listen as I witness and facilitate change.

deer series (all)
5" x 5"
mixed media