Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"Parting 2" Acrylic 25" x 38"
In Process

"Parting" revisited...

"Parting 1"
Acrylic and Oil on Paper

38" x 50"


Layering oil on top allowed me to quiet some of the action, which is what I wanted to do. I also like the contrast of working fast with the acrylics, and then slow, with the oils.
Even though I feel the pictorial references in my head asking to come out come out come out, I am remaining excited about seeing what else develops as I continue to explore working without them. They will still be there, I am sure, when I invite them back in.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Holding the Space

"Parting 1"
Acrylic on Paper
38" x 50"

In process????

This is my first experiment with Golden OPEN acrylics. They certainly stay open longer than the trad acrylics, but they don't have anything on oils. You can tell by my marks how quickly they still dry. I am going to keep using them and experiment with a slightly smaller scale to gain more flexibility. I started this piece today with a very specific idea that I was only able to partially hold the space for. The painting always has a voice, as do other variables, such as the behavior of the paint, and of course, my facility. This idea of parting, seams, horizons, is continuing to resonate with me and I am looking forward to doing at least a couple more paintings in this theme. I may just let this one sit for a bit - I am not sure if I feel that it is really finished, and think I need to start another "Parting" or two, to figure that out. The pallete is my first try with a combo that Helen suggested, based on saturation.

"Fly or Fall"
Oil on Paper
29" x 50"

OK! Well, I spent about a month on this painting and it caused me some despair. The idea was to recreate a previous representational painting abstractly. I chose "Fly or Fall" because it was one that has been responded to very strongly, most recently by Helen, my mentor. I love the idea of working this way, but what I learned, among many things from this process, is that I should pick recent paintings with themes that I can still loudly feel. "Fly or Fall" was originally painted about one and one half years ago, and its poignant theme has since been resolved in my heart. It was quite difficult for me to hold the space for this painting as I worked, and I found myself drifting to more current ideas as I worked, and having to muscle the painting back to my intention. It took some time, but I am happy with the outcome and feel that this piece speaks to the idea of "Fly or Fall" from a more abstract place, which was my goal. It was also wonderful to work with oils on this scale again! I am in love with real Cadmiums, don't regret spending oodles of money on the real deal, and will forever be addicted to M. Graham paints with fabulous, non-toxic walnut oil! Huge thank you to Helen for pointing me in this direction.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Jacqueline Humphries

Susanna Coffey
Water Years
oil on linen

Joan Snyder
Free to Imagine
Acrylic, Pencil, Oil, on Paper
36 x 72"