Wednesday, March 23, 2011

sunbreak storm sun

Sunbreak Storm Sun
38" x 38"
Mixed Media on Canvas

This weekend I had the amazing gift of being able to spend two nights on Mt. Rainier. What a powerful experience. Snowshoeing up to a ridge in the brilliant sunlight - tanktop temperature on top of 20 feet of snow. An hour later clouds and falling white surround and the magic is quiet and timeless. Learning to navigate new challenges - steep slopes bring lessons. The grey fox and the red fox leave tracks all around and mountain chickadees dart through the trees. The ravens play.

This trip was the perfect break after completing my second thesis draft. My review with my thesis adviser is tonight, but until then - I can paint without feeling pulled to work on the paper instead. This painting was started a few weeks ago, but I finished it today while remembering the Mountain.