Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dream House

Sometimes the sea...
38" x 38"
Mixed Media

Its always the work itself that motivates me to update this blog, and since returning to Seattle from my fourth residency in Boston, I have only just returned to painting. Filling my hours up until now has been time well spent in "Thesisville" where I have been thinking, reading, writing and thinking writing and reading some more. Here is my working abstract:

Dream House

Exploring mental and physical space within the landscape reflects my sense of "Home" and my relationship to the larger world. Placing myself in a long continuum of artists from Caspar David Friedrich to photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto, I am depicting the psychic and physical space of the landscape from perspectives of observation and immersion. Through this investigation I have found direct connections between space, process and the idea of "Home". As a metaphor for home, the landscape depicts our containment in the universe, evoking a density of experience that engages both physcial and psychological space.

Digitally manipulated photograph
Walton County, Florida, 2010