Saturday, April 24, 2010

SO chatty...

The most incredible thing about graduate school so far, is that I am actually working on paintings for so very long. My conversation with this painting has been continuing, in some form or another, for longer than I have been in the program - so over one year. That is amazing to me, because it is not something I could have ever predicted of myself, having always self-identified as a very fast and prolific painter. I am going to be quiet with it, one way or the other, by the end of this semester. If it tries to engage me any longer than that, I think it will just have to be in another form - collage? Compost?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Earth, Sea, Sky, Earth.

A friend of mine brought me some pigment back from British Columbia. He dug it out of the Earth himself - complete with roots, pebbles and miscellaneous organic debris. Red Ochre that looks just like the Mars Yellow that I recentlly purchased, only way more interesting! I used it today for the first time - mixed with a little walnut oil and cold wax. SO FUN! Makes me feel all Anselm Kieferish... I really love working with materials that are less refined. Beautiful feeling of connectivity.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tea, tissue, and terrain.

You are here.
oil on canvas
oh about so big
in progress

I have a cold. I was hoping it was allergies, but then a friend reminded me that "allergies are forever", and well, guess I am lucky to have a cold.

I did some pouring today. Searching for that magic ratio of oil to paint to get the perfect drip/splash/puddle. Carol sent me some very Carolish directives for the diptych and I have been working on that for the greater part of today. Can't photograph it just now as it is laying flat under a table - puddles puddling, and hopefully drying.

Just had a short fling with this piece, and wanted to share because I found it oh so satisfying. Fast. More thoughts about the body as landscape, the landscape as witness, and the traces of memories - what they feel like/look like. Everything fits together like a big beautiful puzzle. I am so happy that I am an artist. How else could I ever explain my life to myself?

Friday, April 9, 2010

Running steps...

Through the trees
oil and cold wax on paper
36" x 96"

getting there...

Serious glare on the right, but I wanted to post this stage because I am starting to feel better about this piece. I see one more step ahead to play with the edges and make the whole thing feel more atmospheric and pull it together a bit more. All this as I imagine running through weather, light and color. We shall see!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Internal Landscape: Paper 2, Spring 2010

...there yet?

oil and cold wax on paper
still going...
36" x 96"

Still going on this half of the diptych, especially. Happier with it today - still not "there" yet - wherever there is...


Sea Sky
oil and cold wax on canvas
30" x 44"

oil and cold wax on canvas
30" x 44"

These are the two larger pieces from the funnel series that I am continuing to re-work. I have stopped thinking of them in a series because I don't have a space large enough to look at the whole series together comfortably. It is ok - they may still work together in the end somehow - it will be fun to see! I am enjoying my continuing experimentation with a primary pallete with no white, and using masking with some glazing to contrast the more organic waxy surface that began the funnel series. The orange shape at the top of "Sea Sky" is going to have to go, because it distracts me, but it also reminds of a bird, so I am letting it sit (fly!) for now.