Monday, October 12, 2009

There is no linear movement

"Splash (3)"
Acrylic and Oil on Paper

38" x 48"

This is one of those pieces that I put aside, and recently pulled out again and reworked. I am much happier with the areas of atmospheric transition in this piece, as well as the serendipitous little areas of under-painting peeking through. There are areas of heavy texture that may be tough to pick up in this image, that also give the piece a satisfying feeling of weight and movement for me. I am also happy with the way the texture contrasts with the thinner areas where depth is apparent. The sphere may need to be softened and modeled, but I am letting it rest and dry for now.

I have many other pieces going in the studio and am noticing that form and depth, as defined by edges and temperature, are becoming my consistent distractions. This feels good and I believe it will make a nice bridge to bringing imagery back in eventually. The focus is shifting. It is also becoming easier for me to work with smaller formats and tune in to a more intimate scale.

On a parallel personal note that I believe reflects the ever present art/life connection, I noticed something interesting on my run yesterday. I often use visualization to help me get through a tough part of a run. As I was heading up an enormous hill yesterday the visual aids began, but instead of giant eagles surrounding me, throwing their magic lassos around me and pulling me up the hill, a stronger version of myself leaped from my heart to dance and skip around me, beaming and encouraging - guiding me up and up. Forms are changing. Work is changing. It is all beautiful and I am listening.


  1. love your poetic commentary...very cool.

  2. Wow, Janety! I realized this is the one that was on your easel when we were there!! I love what you did with it! And I love your visualization of a stronger you leaping out, very profound!! Yay!! As always, your work is breathtaking and inspiring to me!!

  3. I visualize when I run too. I'm always running a race trying to beat everyone and then crossing the finish line victoriously in first. I really should be less egotistical.

  4. Hi, I really liked the ball because it looked like something that water would do. Maybe it was the sphere that got irritating because it is the focal point when you first see the picture and didnt have enough going on. Here is a really nice photo of a droplet doing something a bit more dynamic
    I can do a work up in photoshop for you if you like just to get a rough idea...