Friday, November 13, 2009


Form Study - Wing
oil and cold wax on paper
18" x 24"

I am in a place right now where satisfaction is hiding from me. I am stretching and wandering - bumping into things and then reaching again. This piece is just one example of the many things I am exploring right now. I think this place of being unhinged began as I shifted my thinking into ideas of form as "body" and body as history/landscape. Some very exciting, yet fleeting, things have been happening - only to be lost again as I become uncomfortable with the literal images that begin to emerge. What seems to be tricky for me is holding an idea of an "object", the body, but still trying to remain abstract with it. What I am learning is that because my attachment to form is so definite, if I want to work in the abstract, it is better to simply focus on general ideas or moods, rather than specific forms. I am not ready to truly bring the figure back in. I am going to redirect my thinking away from it and back to ideas of color, space, mood and form without attachment. When I do bring the figure back, I can tell a great deal will happen. Just not yet.

I just had a trick or treater come to my door. It is November 13th. He was pretty cute, but I still told him to come back in 334 days...

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  1. o-oh -- no treat, get a trick :-) . I love what is happening with your work. "Wing" is suggestive of form without being able to tell exactly what it is -- it could be an arc in the landscape, sinew and bone, the edge of a shell...a wing. I am drawn to the suggestion of form in space and how this draws me in to explore. I particularly like how your eye can go back into the "opening" in the bottom center and also in the upper right. The ambiguity is intriguing. I can relate to your comment about "satisfaction hiding". This semester has been a lot of fumbling around and tearing down the way I am used to working. It seems to me that you have accomplished a lot in this short time. I admire that you've set a project for your work and are restraining yourself from returning to what you know.