Monday, March 22, 2010

Fitting life around painting

Funnel Study 1
oil and cold wax on canvas
16" x 10"
in process

It has been really hard to get a good photo of this wet little painting, but I wanted to show this stage. I had a fabulous meeting with Carol yesterday, and one of the zillion things that she suggested is that I push the pigment more, and repaint the lights in several of my studies and studio exercises without white. Although this picture has some glare, it gives an idea of what is happening. It is super hard not to use white, but I am discovering and using colors I would never have approached before, and feel good about the struggle.

I think you will find that the difference is that before you were fitting in the painting around your life and now you will be fitting in your life around your painting. You will love it once you get your head and body around it. - Carol

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