Friday, March 12, 2010


acrylic, oil, cold wax on paper
36" x 96"
in process

Carol has been encouraging me to examine how I use my time in an effort to squeeze more studio hours into my jam-packed schedule. During our last meeting in response to my claim that there were just not any more hours to be had, she asked me “Well, what else do you do? Do you cook? Clean? See friends?”, to which I replied, something like, if I am lucky I see friends, cuz I probably won’t have any friends left after this program (ha ha!). Despite this interchange, I have been trying to be Carol-esque in my view of time, and have been going even further outside of my comfort zone concerning when I will paint. Pre-Carol, I would not consider painting if I only had one hour. Now I just get in there anyway. Get up early and read theory or organize notes before breakfast? Doing it. I am feeling all hard-core, and noticing that while I am getting more done, I am having some anxiety and trouble sleeping – mainly because I am not giving myself those down-moments that I used to grant myself at the beginning and in-between parts of my day. I think I will adjust to this. I think it is good for me. There may be a half step back that is better for me, but for now the constant motion and school continually in clear view behind my eyes, is just what I need. Thanks Carol. By the way, I can not stop thinking of the other Carol that I love – but he has horns.

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  1. Look forward to seeing these in person. I am responding to the structure of the trees against the negative space.