Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tea, tissue, and terrain.

You are here.
oil on canvas
oh about so big
in progress

I have a cold. I was hoping it was allergies, but then a friend reminded me that "allergies are forever", and well, guess I am lucky to have a cold.

I did some pouring today. Searching for that magic ratio of oil to paint to get the perfect drip/splash/puddle. Carol sent me some very Carolish directives for the diptych and I have been working on that for the greater part of today. Can't photograph it just now as it is laying flat under a table - puddles puddling, and hopefully drying.

Just had a short fling with this piece, and wanted to share because I found it oh so satisfying. Fast. More thoughts about the body as landscape, the landscape as witness, and the traces of memories - what they feel like/look like. Everything fits together like a big beautiful puzzle. I am so happy that I am an artist. How else could I ever explain my life to myself?


  1. Beautiful, Janet. I can't wait to see the results of the puddling. Feel better!

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