Thursday, June 10, 2010

Artist Statement - new revision

From William Turner to Anselm Kiefer, I feel connected to artists that share their personal response to the world through their emotive depictions of the environment. My life is the preparation for each painting. I cull insight for each piece from experiences that I have moving through the landscape, and my relationships with the lives within it. Intuitive replies to memories create a sense of place in my work that is defined by the materiality of the paint, and the discovery of visual contrasts reflecting emotional connections to experience. This is an environment of call and response where the heart and mind interact and the viewer is asked to consider the connection between presence and reaction.
I encourage this connection with the inclusion of unrefined pigment mixed directly into the oil paint and cold wax. Fluid transparent washes, heavy layers of sediment textured peaks – the gesture of a wave, the splatter of petals or rain – these are the marks that build and reveal place.
Although the content of my work is largely a personal form of communication, it invites participation through the discovery of the landscape from an internal perspective. When one views the world from the heart, how does our connection to it, and our care of it, potentially change?

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