Monday, December 27, 2010

Then and Now and Nowthen

Sea Sky Collage # 1
Digital print of photograph, photograph, sumi, oil, acrylic, spraypaint, woodblock print collage, gold leaf, metal
Apx. 6' x 6'

Sea Sky Collage #1, Detail of digital photograph
6' x 6'

Sea Sky Collage # 1, Painting Detail

Forest Sea Sky
Oil, gold leaf, spraypaint

Gold leaf, spraypaint, found objects, giant pixelated printouts of old photos, old photos. These are the things that I am layering in an effort to evoke the feelings of past, present, wonder and detachment that I find within the landscape. I went to Hawaii recently and two experiences continue to replay in my memory - decending the Haleakala Volcano on Maui and feeling like it was all I could do not to fly off into the ambiguous field of blue sky and water that met me as I swung around every switch-back on my bike. The other experience I will not forget was being under water at the edge of a cinder cone where the ocean dropped from about 3' into an unreadable abyss. Both moments felt truly sublime and brought me face to face with what I hope to show in my work - the unimaginable potential of tomorrow, and the atmospheric poetry of the past that brought us to the always elusive Now. Many ideas are wound up in these thoughts and the landscape is a wonderful metaphor to explore them. I am creating these collages in an effort to expand my awareness of my work and continue to search for the most radical honesty possible in my understanding of it.


  1. Janet, as I sit looking at the Pacific from a balcony in Kona, I am infused with the mystery of what you allude to in your images and writing. I continually aspire to open to 'unimaginable potential', to continuously renew my awareness of the infinite potential present each moment. Thank you for your beautiful work and thoughts. Wendy Simons

  2. Wendy, what a wonderful comment - thank YOU! Enjoy every moment in Kona - what a great way to usher in the Newest Year. : )

  3. O yes, I like them, they´re poetic.

  4. even viewed on this small scale, there is a wonderful feeling of breadth and depth, of perhaps a mutable space? stunning works --

  5. Thank you so much Kelly! : ) Really great to hear such encouragement as I pack up my paintings for my MFA thesis exhibit! Thank you again.