Thursday, September 1, 2011

Summer's Edge (the impossible goodbye)
25 x 25"
Mixed Media

Forest Edge Diptychs (1 &2)
Mixed Media
18 x 48", 11 x 28"

Somehow during the most self-indulgent post-graduation Summer I have ever had in terms of travel and fun I have managed to paint - a little. All of the camping, biking, eating, swimming, enjoying friends and basking in the great out of doors is certainly fuel for the studio and in many ways simply an extension of my thesis - which I will post here soon. For now it feels so good to have a week of relative stillness before my last trip of the Summer to stand on the edge of it all - and paint.


  1. Hi Janet, Wow you have an unbelievable body of inspirational art work. This particular one really jumps out at me. The title is very moving as well. I have three of your paintings hanging in our home from our Philly days. Love to have more! Love and miss you, Rena

  2. Thanks so much Rena! I love that you have so much of my older work in your home. Funny that you gravitate to this piece - it is one of my personal faves. You have insight through our friendship into the title as well - literal and metaphorical. I love and miss you too!
    Thank you for checking out my work!!!