Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Winter calls Spring

Response - Spring
30" x 44"
Mixed Media
Response 2 - Winter
44" x 30"
Mixed Media
in progress

I am becoming happier with these pieces.  They are getting closer to finding their stopping points as I continue to explore  the idea of  Response.  It is fun for me to consider similar ideas with varying levels of abstraction.  

I can clearly see my own responses to the heavy Winter days of Seattle within this work - the veils of fog  and rain, the glorious otherworldly sunshine at elevation in the Mountains, and the quiet signs of Spring that are beginning to appear.  

I feel all of the space and life beyond my studio walls calling.  My response and homage through my practice is from within, and that response is fueled anew with gratitude each time I step out the door.  Amen.

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