Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mixed Media on Paper
38" x 48"
In Progress

Transparency and opacity. Modeling paste, tar gel medium, and gel medium in abundance!

In this painting, I am trying to push the contrast between thick and thin to describe in a material sense what experience leaves behind.

Thinking around the figure again, but the figure(s) is certainly present here, even without being named/defined. Walking back from a swim today, I imagined myself as a canvas. Life experiences are glazes, impasto attacks, and fine lines. Incised marks, raised edges, gouges, tears, shapes, colors, pattern. What comes before enhances or detracts from what comes next or beside. Such a simple metaphor - a body as a canvas - but it really struck me today as relevant. Layers. What we reveal, what we conceal. What we create. What we build and present or give. Choices. What comes next?

"...I rubbed and scratched the paper until I tore holes in it, trying to reach something else, something more profound, to grasp the very essence of things..." ~Emile Nolde

1 comment:

  1. I love this. I am enjoying your experimenting! I especially like the contrast of the foreground looking more realistic compared to the abstract backdrop/ground. I definitely "see" or sense the presense of figures, but it is subtle. Great!

    Perhaps you should actually paint your body. Choose colors for emotions, feel where they are on your body and paint away. See what shape you give them. Just a thought!

    Wish I could join you on the artwalk.