Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A day for small studies and re-working...

"Fly or Fall" Reworked

After an inspiring crit with Helen, I am spending the day today reworking several pieces, and starting a couple of new things. Here is the most recent version of "Fly or Fall" in which I am trying to better define the spatial relationships and make the reds a bit more saturated. Among other wonderful ideas, Helen encouraged me to flip the pieces upside down in order to see them more clearly - a great tip!

Study 1 Oil on Paper
10" x 12"
These small studies are inspired by abstract photos that I take of value, texture and color in nature. I was more than a bit frustrated by the experience (fighting with the scale, feeling hemmed-in by the photos), but after my crit with Helen, I was able to see some beauty in these pieces, and especially appreciate that they tend to be much more detached from narrative than the larger pieces. After looking at them with fresh eyes, thanks to Helen, I am actually excited to do more of these.

Study 2 Oil on Paper
10" x 12"
Another aspect of these smaller works that I appreciate, are the palettes. It is rewarding for me to use more muted color combinations, developed from my experimentation with Helen's palette ideas. I hear new voices from these color choices.

Updating this blog after painting is making a very painterly object out of my keyboard...


  1. I LOVE your stuff. Really. I remember seeing it for the first time in the gallery. I thought, "wow..I don't know how you could improve this.." I think you're doing a great job! Keep it up. I always look forward to seeing your new things.

  2. These studies are lovely and moody. Thought I would offer another tip but you may already know this one... Have you ever tried looking at your work through a hand mirror? - It’s the same concept as working upside-down - just adds an alternate perspective. Stand with your back to the work and raise the mirror to view your painting.