Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Trace, Transition, Witness

Transition Trace - In Process
spray paint, oil and cold wax on canvas
30" x 150"

This is the beginning of my "dark to light" studio experiment #1.
I am starting to think about the indexical trace of weather, and emotions as weather systems that move through the body.

Forms, witness - In process
oil and cold wax on paper
48" x 38"

These are two representational works on paper that I am painting over. I am using the smaller vertical form study from last semester as a starting point and experimenting with the scale to see how that might shift my navigation of the piece. I absolutely love working with masking and playing with hiding and finding the textures and images from the older works is really fun!

Here they are together. I have been trying to pay attention to the images I see during my day and how they may be moving through my subconscious into my work, and I wonder if these dark shapes are trees? They remind me of the deepest layer of trees in the woods I run through during the day - or perhaps from my evening runs, the night trees silhouetted against the urban-lit sky.
The trees always Witness.

...another studio experiment... sketching the series - adding text...a stack of these are outside in the rain now - lets see what the weather wants to say...


  1. http://www.explorechicago.org/city/en/things_see_do/event_landing/events/dca_tourism/JoelSheesley_UpisDown.html

    Check out this guys work, I saw it in Chicago and thought of it when I read your post. Might lend some insight. I think you are onto something.

  2. Weather huh? Were you inspired a bit by your brothers cockpit photographs? These look great!! Keep up the great work. I love love love the first one.