Wednesday, March 24, 2010

To be continued...

A friend of mine recorded like, uh, 80 million hours of "Indian Chill" music for me, and the combination of its continual dreamy rhythmic soundtrack, and suddenly having almost three whole days to simply paint and take walks to think about painting, has left me feeling very fortunate, and a tiny bit other-worldly.
Ok, more than a tiny bit...

Here are two small weather studies (8" x 12") using earth with the addition of phthalo blue, and an itty-bitty, I don't think this is cheating, portion of unbleached titanium white. Its great how posting these studies helps me to see them differently and gives me ideas. For instance, I saw the study below cropped accidentally by this preview box that I am typing in, and got an idea for it. How does technology influence your work? In unexpected ways.


  1. Rock on, Janet! Your steady schedule is paying off (I know you said you don't feel like you always get the exact hours, but the commitment is working for you!). I'm seeing a lot more space represented in these and dramatic energy. I like ;-)

  2. Hey Janet, Have been following your work and find it irresistable, reminds me of Turner, would like to hear that Indian chill music, is that American Indian?...

  3. so amazing to see your palette, and the forms continue to move. can't wait to see your work in June!!!