Sunday, May 2, 2010


Through the Trees

Carol and I met last week and she suggested that I create small collages from the large diptych as a way of furthering my dialogue with it. What came out of this process for me, which involved lots of staring at the diptych, was flight. No surprise to those of you that know me and my work, I know, but because one of these pieces began with collage elements, and the work is inspired by "flying" through trees, adding collage back into them seemed perfect. I have been experimenting today with two different ideas where this is concerned. The first is simply ripping apart my woodblock prints and adding them in to the composition. The second step I am trying is to coat the pieces with a heavy varnish that will isolate the image where it is now, so that I can freely work on top of a non-porous surface in a linear fashion. This idea came from an article I read recently in the New Yorker about Julie Mehretu where she describes her process. Interesting...

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