Thursday, July 30, 2009

Today was a day to reflect, prepare and research.
How do I ground myself within what is being asked of me? What is the first step? And then what?

Prepare surfaces. Inventory and gather supplies. Make a list of what is needed.
Go Go GO!

Artists that I explored today include Edwin Dickinson, Susanna Coffey, and Frank Auerbach. Although I am releasing the figure in this moment of exploration, it is wonderful to see the very visceral handling of the figure and the background that these artists employ. Inspired.

Space, Color, Light
Gather information from outside - small studies - exploring oils in conjunction with acrylics - experiment with limited palettes based on the color wheel and temperature - move away from the pictorial and the decorative to make room for the visceral, haptic response. What is possible? When the symbol, the figure, returns, and is re-examined, what will it be? Look. Look. Look. Inside. Outside. Inside. The head and the heart hold hands.

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