Saturday, September 19, 2009

Experiments in Green; Final Parting?

Green 1
Acrylic on paper
In Process

Recently, I have been doing a great deal of experimenting. The top two pieces here reflect a couple of sessions where I am primarily playing with a color I rarely ever use: Green. I am also continuing to think a lot about depth, as well as marks that divide, dangle/float, and reach. Contrast is always on my mind.

I find that I really respond to the first push of the painting, and as I continue to work on it, the initial momentum of the piece often morphs into something else. This happens most radically when several days go by between painting sessions. This can work for me, as the layers I continue build often strengthen the overall work, but of course it also often backfires and leaves me with nothing to show for hours of work except a very heavy, paint-laden piece of paper. Of course there is the benefit of what the hours give me in experimental experience, which I am not disregarding. I am however, trying to find a way to capture the energy of my first attack, AND build a rich and interesting surface. Working in series and on many pieces at once are two ideas that immediately come to mind. Any other thoughts would be welcome! I know this is not a new issue for me, or for lots of other artists out there.

Green 2
Acrylic and Oil on Canvas
In Process

Oil and Cold Wax on Paper

Ok, I am stopping now.

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